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Silicone Toy Care

Silicone is a sturdy material, but your toys still require a degree of care to maintain their lifespan and usability. This page is dedicated to how you can take good care of your adult toy and ensure its longevity and safe use.

Cleaning your toy:

  • Wash your toy with mild soap and water, preferably of an odor free type. We use Dawn dish soap, the one with the ducks on the bottle -- its one of the safest, most mild soaps there are. Wash, or at least rinse well, after each use.
  • Don't let lube sit on your toy. Preferably, only use water based lubes, as some silicone or hybrid lubes can shorten the lifespan of your silicone. Use silicone lubes at your own personal risk.
  • Let toys air dry, or dry them with a microfiber cloth for a lint-free toy, or a paper towel or regular towel if a little fuzz isn't a concern.
  • Boil toys if you feel like they are in need of a good, deep clean.
  • Lastly, if your toy develops an odor or you just want to make sure its really clean, you can wipe it or soak it in a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. Don't let it sit for long! Another alternative is to use hand sanitizer.

Storing your toy:

  • Store your toy away from other toys if possible, especially non-silicone toys. If you're sure your other toys are platinum silicone, then its safe to keep them together -- but if you have any concerns that they may not be, keep them apart.
  • Toys can be stored in the plastic they shipped in, but only if dried thoroughly.
  • Ideally, store your toy in a cloth bag or a tote or bin that has access to moving air. The cleaner and dryer the environment, the better.