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Pour Styles

Pour styles help you customize your toy to fit your aesthetic! This page showcases the different types of styles we have for custom option, as well as certain "house pours" and what they look like.

 A Solid Color pour is one color through the entire toy.
A Wash is made by taking one color and 'washing' the mold in it, dumping the color, and pouring another color behind it.
A Split is one color on top of the toy, and one color on the bottom.
Split Fade is a Split with a Fade on the top.
A Marble Split is a Split with a marble on the top or the bottom.
A Marble is multiple colors poured together in varying configurations.
A Ribbon is a very tight marble using 2-3 colors very closely marbled together.
A Fade uses two colors poured so that they blend together as they meet.
A Broken Fade is a fade poured so that the two meeting points marble.
A Rainbow or 4+ Color Pour is a catch-all for very complex, multi-colored pours. Elaboration on what you want poured is required in the comments box.