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I see a bunch of toys but they all say sold out! How do I buy?

  • If you see our inventory page full of toys but can't buy anything, that means they are waiting for their Drop Date and are in Pre-Shop mode. Drop dates and times are announced on the large banner at the top of our pages.

I want a custom but they all say sold out?

  • Customs are available on a limited bases. Right now, I am a single-person shop in a very small workspace, and I unfortunately cannot handle large influxes of custom toys. When customs open, their quantities are set to a number I feel comfortable with and remain until sold out and reopened again.

 Are your toys made of body safe materials?

  • Yes. All of our toys are made from premium platinum silicone, body-safe mica powders and pigments. Silicone is thoroughly vacuum degassed to keep bubbles, that may result in a porous surface, off of your toy.

What is a "Tallywonky?"

  • Tallywonkies are our name for flop toys. They have flaws or imperfections not from the mold, that do not majorly hinder use. The price of a tallywonky is 30% off of the base cost of the toy.

What are your shipping days?

  • Currently, our set shipping days are Tuesdays and Saturdays. This may change, or toys may be shipped out on different days.

Where are custom toys?

  • Customs are not always available, but when they are we will typically announce it.

What is a good lube to use with my toy?

  • Water-based lubes are always your safest bet. For more information, please see our toy care page.

Are you the same All for Naughty as I saw on Etsy?

  • Yes, that's us!

Can I have a free toy for reviewing?

  • Sorry, we cannot currently supply free toys.